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Cabling Overview

Cabling an E-series router requires the following main tasks:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the module ports, and ensure that you have the cables and wires needed to complete each cabling procedure (see Figure 6-1).
  2. Read and understand all safety warnings. (See Chapter 3, Installation Guidelines and Requirements.)
  3. (Optional) Connect timing ports.
  4. Connect the SRP I/O module to the network and to a management console.
  5. Connect grounding wires to the E-series chassis.
  6. Connect the power cables from the power source to the power input module.
  7. Connect the line I/O modules to their appropriate network interface.

Note: Juniper Networks recommends that you use shielded cables where appropriate.

Figure 6-1 E-series ports and connectors (ERX-14xx model shown)

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