Igniting Network Innovation

OpenLab, the Junos® Center for Innovation, is a unique resource for innovators who want to build network-integrated software applications and solutions. Juniper customers, partners, and other third parties use OpenLab resources to refine, develop, test, demonstrate, and validate solutions that harness network intelligence and automation capabilities.

OpenLab users gain access to polished briefing and collaboration space, local and remotely accessible software and hardware resources, and educational programs and expertise. By leveraging OpenLab resources and programs, innovators can accelerate application development, minimize infrastructure costs, and reduce risk.

Platform and Technology Education

Based in New Jersey, OpenLab hosts technology training sessions that explore the possibilities that Juniper’s programmable platforms create. Face-to-face sessions or webcasts—on topics such as Contrail and network automation—include technical overviews and hands-on lab exercises.

SDN Workshop and Competition

The SDN Workshop and Competition is a dynamic, week-long program that teaches university student teams about SDN and network programmability. After a two-day workshop, teams build software solutions that solve a real-world customer networking problems.

Inventing the Future of Networking

Lab Resources

To support developers building network-integrated applications, OpenLab offers an array of virtual and globally accessible assets, including routing, switching, and security platforms; application development platforms; and more. Third-party developers can tap into the potential of Juniper's platforms and automation features while working in sandboxes—isolated application development, testing, and training environments.

Solutions Incubation Program

Independent software vendors (ISVs) and startups developing SDN and network automation solutions can take advantage of the OpenLab Solutions Incubation Program. OpenLab provides the resources to build and test new solutions that interoperate with Juniper SDN and programmable networking assets. Developers can participate either at the OpenLab facility or remotely.