Juniper Supplier Portal

Applications and Dashboards

The Juniper Supplier Portal (JSP) is a secure entry point for suppliers to access a variety of cross-functional web applications and dashboards. Use it to collaborate with Juniper in a secure, online environment.


Agile Product Lifecycle Management


Use Agile PLM to review product, components, BOM and change management data. Includes ECOs, MCOs, stop ships, deviations and purges.

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Backlog Management Dashboard

clouds reflected in a building

Use the Tableau dashboard to review the consolidated backlog. Includes summary of scope and list of actions for easy filtering.

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Coupa Sourcing Optimization (CSO)


CSO Tool link for Component, SKU and NPI RFx (RFQs and RFIs)

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Design Issue Management System

circuit board

Use DIMS to review design-for-manufacturability issue details. You can also use DIMS for tracking of JDM PCB, PCBA and assembly by program, board, and module.

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Material PPV


Material PPV Advance Approvals

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PPV Claims

Smart city and wireless communication network concept. Digital network connection lines

CM/ODM claim submission, review process and PO info.

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Quality Event Management System


Use QET to review supplier corrective action requests (SCARs) and quality improvement plans (QIPs).

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Supplier Business Review Scorecards

Server room or server computers with data hud.3d rendering.

Supplier performance scorecards for CM/ODM, Hubs and Commodity Suppliers.

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Supplier Collaborative Component Planning (SCCP)

In the Conference Room Group of Directors, Investors and Businessmen Making Video Conference Call To Talk with Professional Female Engineer working in Industrial Factory

Use SCCP to collaborate on supply chain shortages and excess situations, as well as collaborate on the Juniper component forecast.

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