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Service Overview

Network security is crucial for any successful business. Security operations teams struggle to keep pace with a continuously evolving  threat landscape, while companies arm themselves with the latest solutions for collecting logs about user device and network application activity. The Secure Analytics Deployment Service provides rapid implementation of the JSA Series Secure Analytics solution with a minimal learning curve, enabling you to gain the most value from your investment in JSA Series Secure Analytics solutions.


Service Description

The Juniper® Secure Analytics Deployment Service accelerates your JSA Series Secure Analytics solution deployment, with minimal risks and costs. A Global Services expert provides assistance and complete knowledge transfer during the course of implementation.  Access to learning resources will prepare employees on installation, configuration, and deployment of JSA Series Secure Analytics solutions in day-to-day, post-deployment operational scenarios.

The Juniper Secure Analytics Deployment Service provides an immediate advantage through a logical, three-phase process. The service can be customized but not limited to the deliverables outlined below, and customers can add more deliverables based on their individual needs.


Phase 1: Requirements and Design Review

In this phase, Services experts collect information to plan the installation. The Services consulting team will define product, applications, user requirements, and network topology working closely with your technical team over a call. Based on the findings, the Juniper team will make recommendations about:

  • Deployment method
  • Processing category (event or flow)
  • Juniper Networks product family source
  • Any special setup needed based on applications and resources


Phase 2: System Configuration

In this phase, the Services consultant works on site to configure the JSA Series Secure Analytics appliances in production environment, and equips your technical staff with set up and operation of appliances. Typical tasks include:

  • Configuring the system 
  • Applying initial management configuration and license 
  • Updating code as required 
  • Applying Device Support Modules (DSM) and changes as required
  • Configuring event or flow sources (up to six) 
  • Validating configurations and verifying events and/or flows received and processed as desired


Phase 3: Review and Knowledge Transfer

During this phase, the Services consultant will:

  • Review the configuration and conduct a knowledge transfer session of the JSA Series Secure Analytics solution for your technical team
  • Demonstrate basic event filtering
  • Demonstrate and explain dashboard customization
  • Demonstrate and explain basic report generation

Note: Knowledge transfer is intended as a review of your localized implementation and configuration options. It should not be considered as a substitute for formalized training.


Features and Benefits

Component Feature Description Benefit
Prequalification and recommendations Collects information about requirements to develop a customized JSA Series Secure Analytics installation plan
  • Minimizes time and effort to develop an installation plan and receive quality security information
Onsite Juniper Global Services engineer

Deploys and configures the JSA Series Secure Analytics solution at your operations center

  • Accelerates and optimizes the time-to-value of your JSA Series Secure Analytics solution 
  • Reduces or eliminates cost of log extensions and tuning deployments
Onsite knowledge transfer Covers topics such as basic configuration and troubleshooting, additional feature configuration, or other appropriate topics requested by your staff, all provided by the Services engineer
  • Increases availability of the new JSA Series Secure Analytics solution 
  • Expedites employee readiness 
  • Improves operational efficiencies of IT staff


Service Specifications

Juniper Responsibilities Customer Responsibilities

Gives access to Services consultant who will:

  • Configure and deploy JSA Series Secure Analytics Appliances at the organization’s operations center 
  • Provide onsite knowledge transfer
  • Provide a designated project manager or point-of-contact to interface with Juniper 
  • Share information about day-to-day issues and resource coordination 
  • Provide external access to the Internet, internal access to your intranet, and access to the network equipment that the consultant will support 
  • Provide access to applications, databases, and appropriate technical resources for the consultant to successfully perform assigned duties 
  • Place and secure the equipment to be installed in the appropriate rack(s) 
  • Provide all power and interface cabling for the installed equipment


Ordering Information

To order the Juniper Secure Analytics Deployment Service, or for additional information, please contact your Juniper Account Manager.



The scope of this service is for deploying Juniper Secure Analytics features only and does not include assessment, design, or migration services that are separately sold. If you require additional services from your Juniper Professional Services consultant, please contact your Juniper Account Manager.


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