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Service Overview

The Government Advanced Care Plus service is a high- value, personalized service that provides around the clock support by Juniper security clearance-eligible technical support engineers  who are U.S.-based, U.S citizen-delivered support experience combined with service management staff to ensure rapid issues resolution and proactive management of your network and clouds.


Service Description

As the leading provider of high-performance secure networks and services, Juniper Networks® Government Advanced Care Plus service is tailored to address the needs of government organizations by providing access to U.S.-based support and technical teams staffed by U.S. citizens, a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), a certified cloud-based case management system (CRM), a secure file management system, and a designated U.S.-based, U.S. citizen Juniper service manager.

Additional value-added features include enhanced support response time, onboarding assistance, best-practice knowledge transfer, and periodic customized reports, all available to enhance networking and clouds expertise, proactively identify and prevent problems, and reduce administrative loads.


Features and Benefits

Features Description Benefits
Government Customer Care (G-CCare) 24x7x365 access to a team of U.S. citizen resources via a dedicated toll-free number to facilitate all your inquiries and escalations Ensures that your issues are handled and resolved quickly and efficiently
Onboarding assistance Services manager located in the U.S. to connect you with service deliverables and appropriate resources within Juniper Collapses the learning curve, accelerating and enhancing your engagement with Juniper
Government network support team 24x7x365 access to a U.S.-based technical support engineer eligible to apply for security clearance to troubleshoot, resolve, or provide a workaround for reported issues while acting as the case owner throughout the case management life cycle Delivers a comprehensive range of support tailored to meet government regulations
Secure case management system FedRAMP-certified cloud solution for case management Ensures sensitive data is handled in secured environment
Secure file management system Case-relevant data from Juniper devices uploaded to a secure file server by Juniper authorized resources Ensures sensitive network data is shared using a secured file system
Customized reports Periodic reports, customized for your network, including product installed base, End-of-Life (EOL), and Return Material Authorization (RMA) cases, as well as product bug information Provides proactive data delivery to preempt problems before they occur
Best-practice knowledge transfer A quarterly interactive webinar that shares best practices and use cases Helps you acquire knowledge to keep the network running at an optimal state
Enhanced support response time Priority 1 and 2 cases: 30 minutes
Priority 3 and 4 cases: 4 hours
Accelerates case closures and increases network uptime, keeping end users productive
Service Manager 8x5 access to a U.S.-based named contact who is a U.S. citizen for proactive network support and services management Provides a designated advocate and single point of contact to manage all service-related issues


Ordering Information

Juniper Care service is a prerequisite for the Juniper Government Advanced Care Plus service.

The Juniper Government Advanced Care Plus contract has a minimum annual term of twelve (12) months.

For eligible products and additional details, please contact your local Juniper authorized partner, Juniper Networks Account Manager, or your assigned Juniper Services Business Manager.


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