JRR200 Route Reflector Appliance

The JRR200 Route Reflector Appliance provides an ideal solution for service provider, data center, and enterprise networks that require large routing tables. It delivers 10-GbE connectivity in a compact form factor optimized for space- and power-constrained environments. You can simplify your network and reduce operating costs for a broad range of use cases, including cloud services and distributed metro and data center networks.

The JRR200 appliance features the Junos OS control plane for feature-rich BGP control. You don’t have to choose between customized servers and hypervisor software or maintain separate hardware and software support.

With support for Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), the JRR200 also makes provisioning new deployments quicker and simpler.

Key Features

  • 64-Gbps Packet Forwarding
  • 20GbE WAN
  • Support for 50 Million RIB Entries
  • 10 x 1/10GbE Ports

Features + Benefits

High Reliability

Get carrier-grade reliability for every application.

Wire-Speed Performance

Simplify network topologies and operations dramatically with local 1GbE wire speed.

Massive Scalability

Take advantage of dense 8 x 10GbE port capacity to support routing tables with up to 50 million RIB entries.

Easy Deployment

Simplify installations with a solution that combines virtual route reflector (VRR) software with compact, high-density Juniper hardware.

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