COVID-19 Notice for Juniper Personnel and Visitors

Last Updated May 12, 2020

IMPORTANT: Please read all signs and notices as you prepare to enter an office or worksite of Juniper, or that of any of our customers or partners, follow the specified protocols and comply with all policies and instructions given by authorized personnel.

Juniper is proud of our team’s contributions to the critical global telecommunications infrastructure. We provide secure and reliable telecommunications connections at a time when they are needed more than ever. In doing so, we are conscious of our responsibility to each other, and to the broader community, to take appropriate health and safety measures against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease considering governmental rules and regulations and the guidance of public health authorities while also being mindful of individual privacy rights.

Juniper has employees, contractors, and visitors at our offices and worksites (including those of our customers and partners) in many locations worldwide. Occupational health and safety requirements may vary depending on the location in which our team members are working. In addition, official recommendations and regulations continue to evolve, sometimes rapidly, as there is research and data regarding COVID-19 is on-going.

Under these challenging circumstances, we greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we implement and adjust appropriate COVID-19 response steps.

As a non-governmental entity, Juniper’s COVID-19 response steps may include some or all of the measures listed below, and may be adjusted from time to time as appropriate, in order to promote health and safety in the workplace and in the public interest to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

All COVID-19 response steps will be taken with respect for the privacy and dignity of our employees, contractors and visitors, and only if and to the extent permitted or required under applicable laws and regulations, which may vary depending on the location of the Juniper office or worksite.

COVID-19 Response Measures

For employees and contractors (including applicants) and visitors to Juniper offices and worksites (depending on applicable location, laws and regulations), COVID-19 response measures may include:

  • Facial Covering/Mask use and disposal requirements
  • Glove use and disposal requirements
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use and disposal requirements
  • Temperature checks, directly or indirectly through infrared or other technology
  • Required hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer
  • Social distancing/proximity requirements
  • Restrictions on physical contact (handshakes, hugs, air-kisses etc.) while working or at work- related functions
  • Restrictions on entry, access or contact with others at offices and worksites
  • Adjustments to work locations, schedules, desks, common areas, traffic patterns and office space configurations and entry/exit points
  • Required adherence to applicable local self-quarantine requirements (including for employees, contractors and visitors who travel for work)
  • Additional use, storage and disposal requirements for personal and business items, equipment, food and beverages at work, including safe disposal of any facial coverings/masks, gloves and PPE
  • COVID-19 screening questions, such as regarding symptoms, exposure or diagnosis
  • Completion of COVID-19 related health, safety and data protection compliance training
  • Location tracking (via office badge or office wireless internet connection) at the office or workplace to promote social-distancing and detecting congestion points and to assist with contact tracing
  • Assistance with governmental or public health authority requests for information
  • Additional protocols recommended by occupational health and safety organizations or medical or public health experts, required by governmental authorities or that are considered to be best practices

If individual consent is required under applicable laws or regulations and no other legal basis is sufficient, the following additional potential COVID-19 response measures will be taken only with consent (if and when they are implemented by Juniper):

  • COVID-19 testing
  • Location tracking (identifiable) while at the office or workplace
  • Contact tracing
  • Antibody testing
  • Vaccination documentation (if a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available)

COVID-19 Positive: To the extent permitted under applicable laws and regulations, employees, contractors and visitors who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have a reasonably suspected but unconfirmed case of COVID-19 (such as if testing is not available or is not completed) may be asked to provide a list of individuals (such as employees, clients, contractors, and vendors) with whom they came in contact in a certain period (such as the prior 14 days) in connection with their work, as well as locations, floors and shared spaces they may have visited (the “questionnaire”). In conjunction with the use of the questionnaire, we may use location tracking information from office badge or wireless internet connection. Employees and contractors may also be required to work from home until they can provide a release by a medical provider or local health care provider. In the case of contractors or visitors, if and to the extent permitted under applicable laws and regulations, Juniper may share such information with the organization for the contractor or visitor works.

Collection, Disclosure and Protection of Data Related to COVID-19 Response Measures:

In implementing and enforcing any or all of the potential COVID-19 response measures listed above (including for COVID-19 positive or reasonably suspected positive individuals), Juniper may have access to information that is considered to be health or medical information (or other sensitive information) under applicable law and regulations. In collecting, processing, sharing, disclosing, securing and retaining such information, Juniper will continue to follow its existing procedures as well as any additional requirements under applicable laws and regulations.

Juniper may also receive COVID-19 response related information about individuals from Juniper customers and partners, such as for Juniper employees and contractors who are working at or visiting customer or partner locations in connection with their work for Juniper, or for customer and partner employees and contractors who are visiting Juniper.

For additional details about Juniper’s processing of personal data and personal information, please see the Juniper Privacy Policy.

Employee Workplace Privacy Policy:

Employees and contractors should review the Juniper Employee Workplace Privacy Policy and Information Security Policy, which are available via on Policy Central and any additional information provided by their local Juniper HR team, as well as the main Juniper Privacy Policy and any Supplemental Privacy Information provided to review how Juniper generally processes employee personal information, including purposes of processing, types of information collected, retention of information, and security of information.

Enforcement: As is the case for all Juniper policies and procedures, failure to comply with Juniper’s COVID-19 response requirements and protocols, including any unauthorized sharing or disclosure of any medical or health information of another person, may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination, to the extent permitted under applicable laws and regulations. Juniper reserves the right to prohibit any non-compliant visitors from entry to any Juniper office or worksite, to the extent permitted under applicable laws and regulations.

California Residents: Please see “Your California Privacy Rights” in the Juniper Privacy Policy for additional information.

Residents Outside the United States: Please see our “Global Data Protection Notices” under the “Supplemental Privacy Information” section of the Juniper Privacy Policy for additional information.

Updates: This COVID-19 Notice may be updated from time to time, and additional notices and information related to Juniper’s response to COVID-19 may be provided on the Juniper website (including the Juniper Privacy Policy), on Policy Central for employees and contractors, by local Juniper HR teams, by email or mail, or posted at Juniper offices and worksites.

Questions? If you have any questions about this COVID-19 Notice for Juniper personnel and visitors, please direct them to your HR contact, to the Environmental Health, Safety and Security Team or to