Juniper Data Protection Agreement Supplement

Argentina – Data Export

In order to address Argentinean requirements regarding transfer of personal data from Argentina to other countries, Juniper provides the below information to customers and partners with whom Juniper has entered into a fully-executed, unexpired, written contract for the provision of Juniper products and/or services. The below provisions shall be incorporated into the Data Protection Agreement of the customer, partner, or vendor (as applicable). Any terms not defined below shall have the meaning provided by the applicable Data Protection Agreement.

“Argentinean Model Clauses” shall mean the Model Agreement of International Transfer of Personal Data for the case of Personal Data Assignment (Contrato modelo de transferencia internacional de datos personales con motivo de la cesión de datos personales), approved by the National Directorate for Personal Data Protection on 2 November 2016.

To the extent that the processing of Personal Data by Data Importer involves the transfer of such Personal Data from Argentina to a country or territory outside Argentina, other than a country or territory that has received a binding adequacy decision as determined by the National Directorate for Personal Data Protection (an "Argentina Transfer"), such Argentina Transfer shall be governed by the Argentinean Model Clauses incorporated herein by reference or other binding and appropriate transfer mechanisms that provide an adequate level of protection in compliance with Data Protection Requirements. In the event of any conflict between any terms in the Argentinean Model Clauses and the DPA, the Argentinean Model Clauses shall prevail.