Tales of "Badput": Save Yourself From the SD-WAN Tunnel Tax

Not all SD-WANs are created equal, and most are designed to turn you into an SD-WAN Tunnel junkie! Why? Tunnels lead to “badput” with a hidden tax on your network, robbing your applications and user experience and all while wasting your budget.

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Join our webinar featuring Tom Nolle, President and Founder of CIMI Corporation, and Juniper Fellow Patrick MeLampy and learn:

  • How conventional tunnel-based SD-WANs consume precious bandwidth and lead to poor user experience
  • How Juniper’s AI-Driven SD-WAN saves you with the best goodput powered by Session Smart technology
  • How WAN Assurance, driven by Mist AI provides you the AI-powered insights, anomaly detection and automated troubleshooting to help you maintain the best user experience.

Don’t let other vendors turn you into a Tunnel Junkie—join us and learn how to say NO to Badput and YES to Goodput!