Enrich, streamline, and connect the customer experience, in-store and online.

Experience is the first and most important requirement for networking in the cloud era. From delivering an omnichannel customer experience with personalized interactions to providing IT teams with secure client-to-cloud operations, retailers need AI-driven networking to meet the needs of today’s customers.  

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Read Juniper’s eGuide: Experience-First Networking for Retail with real-world examples from leading retailers and discover how to: 

  • Ensure simple, reliable, and secure network experiences to customers and in-store and warehouse staff with heightened Wi-Fi 
  • Deliver enhanced in-store shopping experiences and optimize warehouse operations using virtualized Bluetooth (vBLE) location-based services such as asset tracking and route optimization 
  • Simplify network operations using AI and ensure reliable connectivity between headquarters, warehouses, and stores 
  • Secure customer payment information and all confidential data with a zero trust, threat-aware network 

 A new era of experience-first networking is upon us. Is your retail network ready?