Juniper at Networking Field Day 24

Networking Field Day 24, brought together technologists and IT experts as delegates to discuss Networking innovations, advancements, and use cases. See how Juniper Networks is transforming IT.

Juniper Networks Momentum in the Experience-First Network, from Client to Cloud

Featuring: Jeff Aaron

Juniper continues to find great traction and turn heads with AI-Driven Enterprise solutions that deliver Experience-First Networking, from Client to Cloud.

Juniper Networks Evolution of AIOps with Marvis Conversational Interface

Featuring: Bob Friday and Sudheer Matta

Learn about the latest AIOps advances with Marvis Conversation Interface that further drives operational efficiencies for network engineers. We’ll demo the tool to show you have easy and intuitive it is to use. Also, we’ll share more advance with wireless like out AI-Driven RRM and roaming visualizations.

Accelerating Campus Networks with Juniper Networks EX4400

Featuring: Sujit Ghosh, Umang Saini

The EX4400 is one Bad $%@ switch. It’s born in the cloud and AI era. From day 0, it comes enabled with Mist AI and gives you all the AIOps capabilities. The EX4400 also features EVPN/VXLAN allowing you simply deploy standards-based microsegmentation with group-based policy, giving you granular access control security policies. Plus, its flow-based telemetry allows you to mitigate security threats. The EX4400 has some rock-solid hardware features like 90W PoE++ and 10-member Virtual Chassis.

Juniper Networks Provisioning and Fast Deployment of Wired Access

Featuring: Abhi Shamsundar

Juniper Mist Wired Assurance provisioning and deployment of your wired access network a cinch. In addition to its true zero touch provisioning, it delivers time saving features like cloud-based config driven by templates, dynamic port profiles and auto site AP assignment.

Experience the AI-Driven SD-WAN: Juniper Mist WAN Assurance

Featuring: Sunalini Sankhavaram

Juniper Mist WAN Assurance brings AIOps insights, troubleshooting, and proactive anomaly detection to the SD-WAN, allowing you to address the question, “What’s wrong with my Zoom call?”. Following the acquisition of 128 Technology, we’ve since extended WAN Assurance to SSR.

Introducing Juniper Session Smart Networks

Featuring: Prashant Kumar

In this session we provide an overview of Session Smart and run you through a demo. Learn how we deliver experience-based, user-centric, tunnel-free and secure SD-WAN solution.

The Juniper Networks Automated Data Center

Featuring: Jeff Tantsura, Mansour Karam, Michael Bushong

Discover how Juniper Apstra delivers the experience of cloud on prem by transforming data center operations through automation, intent-based networking and closed-loop assurance.