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I spy with my little eye, AI‑Driven Wi‑Fi!

Win cool prizes.


How To Play

  • Next time you’re out, be on the lookout for Juniper Access Points, driven by Mist AI.
  • When you find a Juniper AP in a public location, snap a picture of it and jot down where you found it.
  • Next, create a Twitter and/or LinkedIn post with the picture you took.
  • Add the hashtag #ISpyMistAI to your post, tag the location where you found the AP, and add  @JuniperNetworks.
  • And just like that, you’re eligible to win prizes!
Juniper Mist AP Access Point Product Family


  • There will be weekly prize drawings.
  • You’ll find the dates for prize-eligible posting deadlines and winner announcements in the table below.
  • Multiple entries by the same individual are allowed. However, the individual may not reuse a previously provided picture or use pictures of more than one AP discovered within a single company. Each unique picture from a different company counts as one entry.
  • The AP must be found in a public location.
  • Terms & Conditions apply
iSpy MIST AI Winnertable