Unpacking AI

Industry and IT experts demystify artificial intelligence.

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AI technology is creeping into every industry. In the networking industry, it’s moving with gusto. Integrating AI in our networks has profound implications that today we have experienced only in teaspoonfuls.

In our video series, Get Smart: Unpacking AI, industry and Juniper experts demystify AI for you, exploring its meaning and applications in the networking industry. Through lively, down-to-earth conversations hosted by SiliconAngle, they break AI down into practical terms and discuss real-life business outcomes enabled by AI technology.

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Video Man vs Machine

Man vs Machine: Linus Tech Tips takes on Marvis

Linus and Marvis go head-to-head in a series of Wi-Fi 6 challenges. Linus puts Mist AI to the test with a few APs, cloud-ready access switches, and Marvis Conversational Assistant.


A Conversation on AI with Bob Friday and Ken Jennings

Join Ken Jennings, computer scientist, writer and Jeopardy! legend for a wide-ranging conversation on AI with Bob Friday, Mist CTO.


Unpacking AI Part 1

Join the conversation with Eugene Santos Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth College; Ed Henry Sr., Scientist and Distinguished Member Technical Staff at Dell EMC; and Bob Friday, VP and CTO at Mist.


Unpacking AI: Part 2

Join the conversation with Ken Jennings, All-Time Jeopardy! Champion, Computer Scientist, and Author; Charna Parkey, Applied Scientist at Textio; and John Hinson, Director of AI at EVOTEK.


Unpacking AI: Part 3

Join the conversation with Rajen Sheth, VP of AI Product Management at Google; Dr. Kate Darling, Research Specialist at MIT Media Lab; and Professor Barry O’Sullivan, Director of the SFI Centre for Research Training in AI at University College Cork, Ireland.


Unpacking AI: NXTWORK 2019 Americas

Join the conversation with Rajen Sheth, VP of AI Product Management at Google; Charna Parkey, VP of Applied Sciences at Texito; and Bob Friday, VP and CTO at Mist.