TalkTalk Embraces Automation to Help Deliver Consistently High-Quality, Affordable Services

UK telco provider TalkTalk aims to deliver the highest-value connectivity services possible, challenging its more established rivals. TalkTalk constantly looks for new ways to boost operational efficiency and reduce costs, enabling the company to fund better deals for its customers.


Company TalkTalk
Industry Telecommunications
Products used Juniper Paragon PathfinderMX960
Region EMEA
"With NorthStar Controller, we believe we will deliver an even better user experience to our end customers. By routing traffic over the lowest-latency paths available, the solution will help maintain high performance and availability within the network, giving us more headroom to add subscribers and devices without impacting quality of service."
Phil Haslam Chief Networks Officer

Business Challenge

TalkTalk sought a more real-time, predictive view of its network status and events, enabling engineers to immediately respond to issues before they can impact service quality. Learn how streaming telemetry-based monitoring and automation capabilities are helping the provider increase network availability, lower operational spend, and meet its customers’ growing service demands.