South Dublin County Council Builds AI-Driven, Threat-Aware Network

Traveling less than a half hour south of Ireland’s historic capital of Dublin leads visitors to South Dublin County. In contrast to Ireland’s centuries-old capital, South Dublin County has only a few decades behind it but an exciting future of innovation and economic growth ahead. To serve 270,000 people and 7,000 businesses, the council relies on an AI-driven, threat-aware network from Juniper.


Company South Dublin County Council
Industry Government and Non-Profit
Products used Advanced Threat PreventionQFX5110SRX1500
Region EMEA
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Internal systems and apps from malware and other security threats


Improved network performance


Network operations with cohesive wired and wireless network


Data privacy with GDPR compliance



Creating that future depends on having the most advanced information and communications technology (ICT) available so that the council can rapidly respond with services that businesses and residents need and want.

In 1994, when South Dublin County was established, Juniper Networks was named the network vendor. In 1996, the council started working with Agile Networks as the primary network integrator. The initial installation of firewalls has since grown to include switches and, more recently, automated, cloud-managed wireless LAN and a threat-aware network. Throughout its long relationship with Juniper and Agile, the South Dublin County Council has been satisfied with the reliable service, support, and expertise from its networking partners.

South Dublin County Council Challenge


With Juniper, South Dublin County Council built an AI-driven, threat-aware network to better serve its constituents. Juniper networking and security can be found everywhere, from the core to the edge of South Dublin County’s network. Juniper switching, including Juniper’s QFX5110 Switch and Juniper Networks EX3400 Ethernet Switch, serve in the data center, main office, and remote sites, while Juniper Networks SRX1500 Services Gateway protects the perimeter.

Working with the Council’s networking technology partner Agile, the wireless LAN platform was identified as the most performant and compatible technology for delivering business value that supports the organisation’s strategic and corporate objectives. The council also added Juniper Connected Security solutions to build defenses into the network that automatically protect data and workloads across the organization.

Agile Networks deployed a trio of integrated security solutions from Juniper to protect the local government’s citizens and government apps and services. Juniper Connected Security takes a 360-degree approach, safeguarding users, applications, and infrastructure by extending security to all connection points across the network. It combines policy, detection, and enforcement that centralizes and automates security, while creating a smaller attack surface.

South Dublin County Council Solution


With Juniper Mist Cloud Architecture, South Dublin County Council is on the path to the AI-driven enterprise where experience is the new uptime. Mist delivers amazing user experiences to council staff, from the mayor to the finance teams to voter registration and maintenance teams by bringing insight into user experiences and proactively turning these insights into automated actions to identify and resolve issues.

Juniper Mist Cloud leverages a cohesive approach to managing wired and wireless networks that boosts overall network performance by up to 40 percent for users and simplifies operations for the IT team.

The council also is considering smart city initiatives that could include digital signage with wayfaring information, connected streetlights, contactless entry in public buildings, and more.

With the advanced technologies available, South Dublin County Council can leverage these types of innovations and more to both spur economic prosperity and protect its citizens’ health. Every improvement moves the council closer to fulfilling its commitment to creating the best possible place to live, work, and do business.

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Published August 2020