Scaling a secure cloud for 14M monthly users

Onet is one of the most recognized and strongest Polish media brands, with several Web portals reaching almost 14 million unique users per month—nearly 70 percent of all Internet users in Poland.

Onet originally built its portal using open source software, but as traffic increased and more corporate clients began outsourcing their full IT services to Onet, the stability and scalability of the underlying infrastructure became more important.


Company Onet
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX480Junos OS
Region EMEA
Onet  Image
"I had experience with Juniper Networks in a previous role and knew that Juniper would provide the technology we needed to meet our clients’ requirements."
Wojciech Ehrenfeld Director of Public IT Services, Onet

Business Challenge

Onet launched a public cloud environment so that corporate clients could use it for all of their IT requirements. Because Onet has both small and large clients in a variety of competitive industries, it was paramount that the infrastructure be secure.

Business Solution

An SRX240 Services Gateway provides a 1.5 Gbps firewall, as well as an effective IPsec VPN layer, and an MX480 3D Universal Edge Router is deployed at both edge and core data center locations. Juniper’s virtualization capabilities allow Onet to configure one router to act as two or three virtual routers that serve different clients.

Business Results

The new infrastructure and the dual data center setup have set Onet apart from its competitors. The environment can manage unprecedented traffic volumes and its flexibility and multiple security layers mean different clients can opt for different service packages to suit their particular needs.

"Our business is to provide a full solution so that clients can take care of their core business. I feel that the Juniper solution, supporting our cloud environment, gives us everything we need, both now and in the future."
Wojciech Ehrenfeld Onet Director of Public IT Services