NEP Builds the World’s First IP Multi-Camera Production Platform for TV

NEP The Netherlands wanted to transform its traditional broadcast SDI environment to scalable, cost-effective IP, while ensuring the high quality and reliability TV viewers demand.

Global media technology company NEP enables its clients to produce the world’s biggest events, from the Oscars to the Olympic Games. NEP The Netherlands delivers some of the company’s most advanced services, and sought to transform its traditional broadcast SDI systems to IP.


Company NEP The Netherlands
Industry Media and Entertainment
Products used QFX SeriesQFX5100
Region EMEA
"We were looking for a high level of innovation, like we have in our own business, and not just for the current generation of technology but beyond that. And we needed to find a vendor who was open and accessible to the discussions that matter to us."
Gerbrand de Ridder Head of Research and Development and Lead System Architect, NEP The Netherlands

Business Challenge

Converting to a cloud-based IP environment would allow NEP to scale TV and video content cost effectively, and upgrade to future-generation technologies easily. Moreover, IP had to meet the high quality and extreme demands of a broadcast environment, processing massive amounts of uncompressed data with zero tolerance for latency.

Technology Solution

To build out its content delivery network (CDN), NEP deployed T4000 and T1600 core routers over its fiber, distributed across three privately owned data centers for redundancy. Pre- and post-production runs in a cloud environment using high-density QFX5100 switches to support applications that move hundreds of gigabits of uncompressed video. NEP standardized on Juniper gear from backbone to campus to security.

Business Results

Using Juniper solutions, NEP built the world’s first IP multi-camera production platform for TV, and has created 750-plus productions and delivered peak-time TV for millions of viewers faster and cost effectively. NEP will continue to innovate and deliver the latest-technology services with ultra-high broadcast quality and reliability TV viewers expect.

"Working with Juniper enabled us to transform our business from SDI to IP, which has meant more flexibility, faster delivery, and lower costs for us and our clients. Juniper understood this early on and worked with us to achieve it."
Gerbrand de Ridder Head of Research and Development and Lead System Architect, NEP The Netherlands