Finnish provider heals an ailing infrastructure with an ultra-reliable network for healthcare

Istekki's goal was to build a carrier-grade, low-latency MPLS network, so it looked for a vendor with a proven track record. Some of the provider’s own networking experts had confidence that Juniper could deliver, based on previous experience working with Juniper solutions.

Istekki is the only company in Finland focused on providing information and communications technology (ICT) applications to the public healthcare sector. Owned by its customers’ municipalities and their strategic partners, the company employs 300 professionals in ICT and medical technology.


Company Istekki
Industry Healthcare
Products used MX80MX480MX240MX960QFX5100EX4300 Multigigabit
Region EMEA
Istekki Image
"With the excellent support we received from Cygate and from Juniper’s local experts, we now have a quite large, geographically dispersed MPLS network which reliably delivers mission-critical software applications to hospitals from our own data centers."
Reijo Kontkanen Director, Istekki

Business Challenge

Istekki needed to replace two older networks with a next-generation MPLS network to support its managed services offerings across Finland, and build a new, highly secure data center infrastructure that could operate 24x7 without outages.

Business Solution

Istekki used Juniper MX80, MX240, and MX480 Routers for the MPLS network. In the new data center, MX960 Routers provide a simple, open, and smart MetaFabric™ architecture. Juniper Networks EX4300 Ethernet Switches perform network aggregation, complementing Juniper Networks QFX5100 Ethernet Switches in the core.

Business Results

Istekki now has a network and data center infrastructure that ensures its customers' critical medical environments are operational 24x7, supports more medical applications and equipment, and has significantly higher performance and lower latency than the previous network.

"We were amazed by the agility and capacity of our new network. We feel that now we have a future-proof platform to build new services on. Juniper may not be the biggest networking vendor in terms of size, but for us it’s by far the best."
Reijo Kontkanen Director, Istekki