Intelsat Keeps Global Customers Connected with Best-in-Class Communications Services

Intelsat delivers video and broadband services to billions of people around the world. The innovator broadcast the American hero Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon to the entire globe and made sure that 17.4 million Game of Thrones fans could watch the epic final episode.


Company Intelsat
Industry Telecommunications
Region EMEA
"We had a 90 percent time saving in bringing the Juniper routers up. We expect to realize significant OpEx savings from both power and space."
Darren Bono Manager, Network Reliability, Engineering, Intelsat

Business Challenge

Intelsat migrated its transport network to Juniper routing, providing a foundation to deliver a multitude of advanced services with 99.999 percent availability, while still supporting legacy TDM traffic on the same core network. Automation massively accelerated router configuration, and Juniper’s high-density, power-efficient routing delivers plenty of room for service growth.