Managed services provider Granite projects rapid growth of AI-driven SD-WAN

Granite Telecommunications turned legacy landlines into a $1.7 billion business. Early success came from helping customers consolidate their phone services with one point of contact and one invoice for all their office locations, a space neglected by the big telcos. Over the last two decades, Granite has distinguished itself with a passion for customer service. 

Granite is a one-stop-shop for communication services for 6000 businesses and government customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Juniper’s SD-WAN solution and Session Smart Router are foundational technologies in its next-generation managed SD-WAN service. 


Company Granite Telecommunications
Industry Service Provider
Products used Session Smart RouterWireless Access PointsEX Series
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Growth anticipated for managed SD-WAN services 


Automated deployments of SD-WAN connections per year


Customer locations served in the U.S. and Canada 


Higher customer retention rate than the telecom industry average


Create more customer value with SD-WAN

Granite was early to recognize the transformational power of SD-WAN to deliver better application experiences, improve agility, and cut customers’ telecom bills, and the company has offered SD-WAN since 2017. As a powerhouse in traditional telecom circuits, Granite has a built-in base of prospective customers for its next-generation SD-WAN services. 

Granite looked for a way to help their customers scale as their businesses grew by upgrading from traditional circuits to SD-WAN. 

Granite wanted to enhance the provisioning and scale of its managed SD-WAN services. With plans to deploy 12,000 Juniper-based endpoints per year, Granite needed a common infrastructure for operational consistency and efficiency. 

A software-defined approach would allow Granite to deliver multiple network services over the same infrastructure more efficiently to customers. Virtualized SD-WAN, unified communications, Layer 3 Network Interface Device (L3NID), and other network functions could run on the same customer premise equipment, simplifying provisioning, and reducing the number of network elements to install and manage. Using commodity, white-box hardware would drive down costs, allowing Granite to offer competitively priced services.

Granite Telecommunications Challenge

Building networks with Juniper’s Flexible Service Edge technology

“We saw that Juniper was disrupting the market for SD-WAN,” says Kayla Zbinden, director of MSP product development at Granite. “Juniper’s service-centric fabric fit our idea of what we wanted for white-box customer premises equipment.” 

Juniper’s Flexible Service Edge (FSE) solution, which starts as an intelligent L3NID and can be upgraded remotely with no hardware changes to SD-WAN, was an ideal fit for Granite. 

With the Juniper Session Smart Router, Granite provides a flexible, application-aware fabric that allows it to meet its customers’ stringent performance, security, and availability requirements. Security is built into the Session Smart Router, protecting users and devices with zero trust deny-by-default access control. The inherent security of the Session Smart Router helped Granite meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance requirements of its retail, hospitality, and other customers. 

Granite also offers managed SD-LAN services. Juniper’s AI-driven SD-LAN, offers automation, insights, and self-driving actions across wired and wireless domains, allowing service providers like Granite to deliver high performing, industry-recognized services across the wired and wireless domains.

Granite Telecommunications Solution

SD-WAN is an engine of growth

Granite is rolling out hundreds of routers per week and 12,000 Juniper-based endpoints per year, making them the largest Session Smart Router managed service provider in the US. 

Customers using traditional telecom services can advance to SD-WAN, reaping agility and cost advantages. Those using the company’s white box edge series hardware, called Granite FlexEdge, can easily add on more network services with a simple software change. Customers can scale capacity and network services up and down without any infrastructure disruption. 

“With Juniper, we can enable service chaining on a flexible service edge, which differentiates us in a competitive market,” says Zbinden. “This approach to network service delivery aligns with how customers consume cloud resources, making it easier to upgrade or downgrade.” 

With Mist AI and Juniper’s SD-WAN solution, Granite can provide customers with greater visibility and control over their traffic and reduce mean time to repair. 

Granite Telecommunications Outcome
Dr. Henry A. Dixon
“Granite FlexEdge allows us to give customers greater agility at the edge while decreasing total cost of ownership. With Juniper technology behind Granite FlexEdge, we can allow customers to scale services quickly and efficiently.”
Kayla Zbinden Director of MSP Product Development, Granite Telecommunications

Granite Telecommunications Creates More Customer Value With SD-WAN

Granite is a one-stop-shop for communication services for businesses and government customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Juniper’s SD-WAN solution and Session Smart Router are foundational technologies in its next-generation managed SD-WAN service. 

Published June  2022