Duocast Speeds Network Recovery Time to Enhance the Customer Experience

For more than 14 years, Duocast has provided IT services to enterprises in the Northern Netherlands. It aims to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted service to a customer base that includes local government, healthcare providers, banks, and other businesses with mission-critical IT requirements.


Company Duocast
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX204EX4300
Region EMEA
Duocast Image
"Thanks to the Juniper platform, we can recover from disruptions to the network much faster. Previously, it took half an hour to update the routing table and even longer for the network to recover; now, this process is complete in 30 seconds—98 percent faster than before."
Fabian Labohm CEO, Duocast

Business Challenge

Duocast’s infrastructure strained under the volume of Internet traffic and network growth. The provider needed to improve its network resiliency, enabling swift recovery from outages and downtime with minimal impact on service quality or the customers’ experience. Duocast needed a significantly faster way to make updates to its routing table and redirect traffic.