Smashing the world record for Internet at an event.

More than 52,000 people flocked to DreamHack to watch e-sports, play computers with friends, and engage in cosplay. They also came to see DreamHack smash the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest Internet at an event.


Company DreamHack
Industry Media and Entertainment
Products used MX960EX4600EX2300
Region EMEA
DreamHack Image
"In most parts of our network, we have already fully automated the deployment of the MX960s. As a bonus, the team loves automation and is very good at it. They can automate almost anything!"
Markus Viitamäki CTO, DreamHack

Business Challenge

DreamHack set a world record for Internet speed, breaking its previous record 13 times over. Using automation, the DreamHack team built the network in a couple of days. Find out why Juniper routers became an Instagram-worthy hot spot at this cool event.