Deltares’s Secure, Open Workplace Helps Urban Areas Adapt to Change

Netherlands-based Deltares researchers plug into an open, collaborative campus network as they strive to manage densely populated delta areas vulnerable to climate shifts.


Company Deltares
Industry Research
Products used EX2300
Region EMEA
"Deltares is a research institute with an excellent reputation. We want everything in the institute to be top-notch, including our network."
Paul Vlenterie IT Advisor, Deltares

Business Challenge

Deltares sought to modernize its network and reinforce its security posture. The organization had embraced an open workplace design that encouraged worker collaboration. However, the setup required strong port security and network segmentation to prevent client devices from spreading malware and to limit the effects of any data breaches.

Simplicity with Campus Switches

Attempting 802.1X port-based authentication with some Ethernet switches caused insurmountable challenges. However, deploying it on Juniper EX Series switches proved simple. Workers can sign into any network port, and their access credentials follow them. The institute further enhances security using VLAN segmentation.

Business Results

With the Juniper solution, 1000 employees work freely in Deltares’ digital workplace every day, while IT assures the security of high-end compute and data resources. To achieve its goals, Deltares:

  • Built a highly available campus network with tight control over wired switch ports
  • Deployed VLAN segmentation to contain the reach and impact of security breaches
  • Easily integrated Juniper switches into its multivendor infrastructure