Virtualized network improves customer satisfaction while consuming less rack space.

London service provider uses virtual network technologies to activate rapid service provisioning and scale advanced security services.

Datanet is a long-time provider of data hosting and connectivity services to businesses around London. With aging network equipment and a need for greater speed and integrated security, the company turned to Juniper for an upgrade.


Company Datanet
Industry Service Provider, Technology
Products used EX4300vSRX
Region EMEA
"The virtual SRX is particularly useful as it has allowed us to avoid deploying new hardware every time we provision a new customer. Deploying firewalls as a virtualized network function is much more efficient and we can provision them immediately, without any hardware deployment cycle."
Conleth McCallan Managing Director, Datanet

Business Challenge

As Datanet’s service volumes grew, it needed to increase network capacity from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. Upgrading existing equipment would have cost almost the same as replacing it completely. The company also wanted to deploy comprehensive security as a fundamental design feature after struggling to remediate a distributed denial-of-service attack on the old network.

Technology Solution

Datanet switched networking vendors and built a new, fully redundant data center network using MX104 routers in the core, EX4300 switches for aggregation, and the vSRX virtual firewall for security. The network was simulated inside Datanet’s facilities before going live.

Business Results

Datanet is winning significant new cloud, hosting, and backup-and-recovery business, partly due to the increased bandwidth of its new network from Juniper. The company has also been able to increase network performance while using less space in its data center facilities.

"Planning and testing were really important, especially as we were switching vendors. But the Juniper experience has been a really good one. They are focused on producing carrier-grade systems and are ideal for providers like us with highly demanding and dynamic needs."
Conleth McCallan Managing Director, Datanet