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WAN Assurance Features

The following features are available with WAN Assurance Cloud Telemetry. They are configured on the conductor and viewed from the SSR GUI or PCLI.

Topology Mapping

The SSR can be configured to receive LLDP packets from LAN interfaces. This information is useful for creating a local site level topology view. Use the following code example to enable the LLDP receive mode on LAN interfaces.

configure authority router <router> node <node> device-interface <lan-intf> lldp mode receive-only

Application Insights & SLE

To provide insights into the application, services, and some SLE functionality, enable session-record on the SSR. It is recommended to enable session records for all the SSR services to provide a broad look at the application use.

1    authority
2 service internet
3 name internet
5 session-record
6 profile profile1
7 exit
8 exit
10 session-record-profile profile1
11 name profile1
12 include-modify-record true
14 intermediate-records
15 enabled true
16 exit
17 exit

Additionally, configuring application-identification to mode all populates the Application Summary in the SSR GUI. Applications are grouped by Category or Clients, and can be further refined by using the following view by options: Bytes Recieved, Bytes Sent, Total Bytes.

Application Summary

For more information, see Using Application Summary.