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Uninstalling or Reconfiguring Paragon Insights

This section describes the following tasks:

Uninstalling Paragon Insights

Paragon Insights on Ubuntu

To uninstall Paragon Insights (formerly HealthBot) on Ubuntu, enter the following command:

The remove and purge options both perform the same action. You can use either to uninstall Paragon Insights. For example:

Paragon Insights on CentOS


When uninstalling Paragon Insights on CentOS, you might see warnings indicating that some of the package files are not found. You can safely ignore these warnings.

To uninstall Paragon Insights on CentOS:

  1. Verify the SELinux mode, and if set to enforcing change it to permissive. This is required to allow the uninstall procedure to run.

  2. Uninstall the Paragon Insights package and its components using the following format:

    For example:


    This procedure does not uninstall all of the software dependencies that were installed for Paragon Insights during installation.

  3. Reset the SELinux mode to enforcing, if applicable.

Reconfiguring Paragon Insights

Use the healthbot reconfigure command to:

  • Change from a single-node installation to a multinode installation, or vice versa

  • Change the Paragon Insights server’s IP address

  • Change SSL certificates

For example:

You can also reconfigure Paragon Insights using a configuration file. For example:

In this example, Paragon Insights is reconfigured to whatever settings are defined in the configuration file. For more information on the configuration file, see Using the Silent Installer.