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Load Bring Your Own Ingest Default Plug-ins

To load a BYOI default plug-in, we recommend that you have a multinode installation of Paragon Insights in your proof of concept or production systems. A root or a non-root user can enter the commands to load your BYOI default plug-in on your server that hosts the Paragon Insights application.

  1. Log in to the primary node of the Paragon Insights server using your server credentials.
  2. Enter the following command to list the loaded default plug-ins.

    user@primary-node# sudo healthbot list-plugins -d

  3. Enter the following command to load a BYOI plug-in.

    user@primary-node# sudo healthbot -v load-plugin -n plugin-name

    For example, user@primary-node# sudo healthbot -v load-plugin -n tlive_kafka_oc.

    An authentication prompt appears.

  4. Enter your GUI login credentials for Paragon Insights.

    A CLI message confirms that the plug-in is successfully loaded.

    You can see the loaded default plug-in in the Paragon Insights GUI. The default plug-in appears as a new tab in the Default Plugins page (Settings > Ingest > BYO Ingest Plugins).

  5. Login to the Paragon Insights GUI and click Settings>BYO Ingest Plugins to verify that the plug-in is visible in the GUI.

    You can see the loaded default plug-in listed in the Default Plugins page.

After the plug-in is loaded successfully, you must create an instance of the default plug-in and configure ingest mapping.