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Understand Bring Your Own Ingest

Paragon Insights provides Bring Your Own Ingest (BYOI) default plug-ins and support for BYOI custom plug-ins. BYOI plug-ins ingest telemetry data that is stored in third-party sources such as a data lake or external databases. You can export such telemetry data that you collected through the BYOI plug-ins and store it in the Paragon Insights time series database (TSDB).

Bring Your Own Ingest Plug-ins include an input plug-in that is developed by the user and the output plug-in developed by Juniper Networks. The BYOI input plug-in streams data from different data sources (Kafka) that use different data models (OpenConfig or NETCONF YANG), data encoding (based on Extended Markup Language [XML] or JavaScript Object Notation [JSON]), data security, and messaging buses (Kafka), and sends the data to the output plug-in. The output plug-in converts that data into the line protocol format and writes the data to the Paragon Insights TSDB.

Paragon Insights supports two types of BYOI plug-ins:

  • Default plug-ins—Use default plug-ins to measure metrics that are unique to your network. You can work with Juniper Networks to develop default BYOI plug-ins. To load a default plug-in, you require Paragon Insights Release 4.2 or later.

    Juniper Network develops and sends you the default plug-ins, with the Kubernetes YAML files and the plug-in configurations that are included as a compressed tar file. For more information on the workflow to deploy a default plug-in, see Bring Your Own Ingest Default Plug-in Workflow.

  • Custom plug-ins—You can use custom plug-in when you want to stream pre-existing telemetry data to Paragon Insights for analysis. You must develop the BYOI plug-in, build the BYOI plug-in ingest image, and load the plug-in image and Kubernetes YAML file for the plug-in to the Paragon Insights server.

    To load a custom plug-in, you require Paragon Insights Release 4.2 or later. After you successfully load the custom plug-in, it is listed in the Custom Plugins tab of the Bring Your Own Ingest Plugins page.

    For more information on the workflow to deploy a custom plug-ins, see Bring Your Own Ingest Custom Plug-in Workflow.


Deploying bring your own ingest plug-ins has the following benefits:

  • Reduces the cost of collecting telemetry data from devices by exporting previously collected data to Paragon Insights.

  • Enables you to use all Paragon Insights features—such as custom or default rules, playbooks, reports, graphs, network health view, and more—on the external data you ingest into Paragon Insights.