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File Menu Functions

Table 1 lists the file menu functions.

Table 1: File Menu Functions



Create Network

  • The submenu Create Network > From Collected Data allows you to create a new network based on data such as router configuration and interface files. For more information, refer to the Paragon Planner User Guide.

  • The submenu Create Network > Paper Model allows you to create a new network model and specify the Paragon Planner files that define the network, such as the muxloc (node), bblink (backbone links), and demand files.

Open Network Browser

Opens the Network Browser window where you can load previously saved networks, and organize networks by labels and comments. For more information, refer to File > Open Network Browser.

Open File Manager

Opens the File Manager where you can browse through directories and files to create and/or load a network specification file, view files, or perform basic file operations such as cut, copy, paste, and delete. For more information, see The File Manager Window.

Import Network Wizard

Opens the Import Network Wizard, allowing you to import data files that are converted into the Paragon Planner network model. Here, you can specify the import input and output directories and select other options for parsing a set of data files. For more information, see Import Network Wizard.

Load Network Files

Opens the Load Network Files window from which you can read in, or load, various network files into the network. See File > Load Network Files.


Closes the current network that is loaded. After closing the current session, you can open another network model or exit the program.


Saves all files for the current network.

Save As...

Saves all files for the current network into a different directory or as a different runcode. The Save As option also allows you to add Comments or Labels to help describe and categorize the network.

Save Network File

The Save Network option allows you to save the current network. The Save Network File option allows you to save one network file without saving the entire network. See File > Save Network File in Saving a File.

Recent Specs Shortcuts

The File menu provides shortcuts for the most recently opened specs. You may also use the mnemonic keys (1-5) to access these specification files.


This option will close the current network and exit the program. Be sure to save the network environment to avoid losing changes when exiting.