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View and Download Health Reports

You can view the latest health reports on the Reports > Health Reports page. A health report provides information on device and network health, device-related hardware and software specifications, and alarm statistics,

You can view reports in the Health Reports page only if the destination type for a report is set to disk. If the destination type for the report is set to email, check the email inbox of the specified account for the report and open the attachment.

Ensure that you have configured the necessary destination settings, scheduler settings, and general report settings before you view and download health reports.

The reports in the Health Reports page are organized by the date and time at which they were generated. The most recent report is listed at the top of the table.

To find and download a report:
  1. Search for a report within a column using the text box under the column heading.

    You can search for a report by report Id, group name (device or network group name), report name, scheduler name, or the date a report was generated on.

    While you search for a report, you can also click any column heading to sort reports based on the column category. To adjust the number of reports displayed, click the number of rows displayed at the bottom of the page and select a number.

  2. Click name of the report to download it to your system.