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Viewing Job Details

To view job details, select a job on the Jobs page and click More>Detail. The Details for Job-Name page appears. This page has the following two tabs:

  • The Details tab displays the details associated with the job such as Job Name, Status, Start Time, End Time, Owner and Job ID. See About the Jobs Page for a description of each of the fields on this page.

  • The Tasks tab displays the number of tasks associated with the job. A green check mark (success ) or a red cross mark (failed) is displayed next to each task indicating the status of the task. Click to list all sub-tasks associated with the task. You can hover on the icon to see the status message and elapsed time information of the task.

    Schedule Job will only list those jobs with current status Scheduled or Failed. Once job is scheduled, job status changes to Success , and it won’t be listed in Schedule Job page.

To quickly view the jobs that are running or that are scheduled, mouse over the clock icon, which opens a widget that contains two tabs: In-Progress and Scheduled. The number of jobs that are in progress and scheduled are shown in parentheses in the title of the tab, and each tab lists the in-progress and scheduled jobs. You can view all the jobs by clicking the See all jobs hyperlink, which takes you to the Jobs page.