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Edit Configuration Templates Assigned to a Device Template

An administrator or a user with permissions to edit device templates only can edit the configuration templates assigned to a device template.

While editing configuration templates assigned to a device template, you can do the following tasks:

  • Set initial values for one or more configuration templates. The values that you set initially are assigned to the device during the device discovery or device onboarding.

  • Assign one or more configuration templates.

  • Remove one or more assigned configuration templates.

To edit a configuration templates assigned to a device template:

  1. Select Configuration > Templates > Device Templates on the left navigation menu.

    The Device Templates page appears.

  2. Click on the device template for which you want to edit assigned configuration templates.

    The Configuration Templates page appears.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • To set initial configuration values:

      1. Select a configuration template and click Set initial Configuration.

        The Initial Configuration page appears.

      2. Set the initial values for the parameters in the configuration template and click OK.

        Initial values are assigned to the configuration template.

    • To add configuration templates to a device template:

      1. Click the Add (+) icon.

        The Add New Configuration Template page appears listing the available configuration templates in the Templates list.

      2. From the Templates list, select the templates to be added, one at a time, and click OK.

        A confirmation message appears indicating that the configuration template is added to the device template and you are returned to the Configuration Templates page.

    • To remove one or more configuration templates assigned to the device template:

      1. Select the configuration templates that you want to remove and click the Delete (trashcan) icon.

        A confirmation message appears.

      2. Click Yes to confirm.

        The selected configuration templates are removed from the device template.

    Click OK.

    The configuration template assignment in the device template is modified and you are returned to the Device Templates page.