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Understand Paragon Insights Topics

Network devices are made up of a number of components and systems from CPUs and memory to interfaces and protocol stacks and more. In Paragon Insights, topics are the construct used to address those different device components. The Topics block is used to create name spaces that define what needs to be modeled. The Topics block consists of Rules blocks which in turn consist of the Fields blocks, Functions blocks, Triggers blocks, etc. See Rules Overview. Each rule created in Paragon Automation Platform must be included in a Topic. Juniper has curated a number of these system components into a list of Topics:

  • chassis

  • class-of-service

  • external

  • firewall

  • interfaces

  • kernel

  • linecard

  • logical-systems

  • protocol

  • routing-options

  • security

  • service

  • system

Any pre-defined rules provided by Juniper fit within one of these topics with the exception of external, The external topic is reserved for user-created rules. You can create sub-topics underneath any of the allowed topic names by appending .<sub-topic> to them. For example, kernel.tcpip,

In the Paragon Automation GUI, when you create a new rule, the Topic field is automatically populated with the external topic name.