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Save Network Models to the Paragon Planner Database

Starting with Paragon Automation Release 21.2, you can securely store network models by saving them in an access-controlled database. Storing network models in the database helps you secure them though attribute-based access control, and retrieve them in case of an accidental data loss. You can access the saved network models from the Networks in Database tab in the Network Browser window.

Access to the network models stored in the database is controlled through attribute-based access control. The ability to edit or save network models from the Networks in Database tab depends on the permissions assigned to you. After you save a network, you can assign edit or view-only permissions to users. From the Archives tab, you can access networks that are saved in the database by the network archive tasks, however, you cannot edit network models. That is, the networks listed in the Archives tab are read-only. From the Networks in Database tab, you can save network models, including those saved in the file system, to the database.

Benefits of Saving Network Models to the Database

  • You can retrieve and reuse the stored network models from the database later.
  • The database constitutes an additional repository for saving network models. You can retrieve network models from the database in case of data loss on the hard drive where the archive files are stored.
  • Unlike files saved in the file system, which are available to all users, files saved in the database are secured through access control.