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Air-Gap Install Paragon Automation on RHEL

You can install and deploy a paragon Automation cluster using the air-gap method of installation. In the air-gap method you need not have Internet access on the cluster nodes. You need a control host to download the distribution software and then create and configure the installation files to run the installation from the control host. You must be able to use SSH to connect to all the nodes.


Before you download and install the distribution software, you must preconfigure the control host and the cluster nodes as described in the following sections.

  1. Prepare the control host for the installation process as described in Prepare the Control Host.
  2. Prepare the cluster nodes for the installation process as described in Prepare Cluster Nodes.
  3. Ensure you have the required virtual IP addresses as described in Virtual IP Address Considerations.

Download and Install Paragon Automation

  1. Log in to the control host.
  2. Download the Paragon Automation Release 22.1 software from the software download page at to your pa-download-dir download directory.

    You need a Juniper account to download the Paragon Automation software.

    You can use the wget "" command to download the installation files.

    During the installation process, you must download and untar the rhel-84-airgap.tar.gz file to use the air-gap method.

  3. Follow steps 1 through 7 of the installation process as described in Install Paragon Automation on a Multinode Cluster.
    For single node installations, follow steps 1 through 7 in Install Paragon Automation on a Single-Node.
  4. Manually edit the config.yml file using a text editor and set the following values.
  5. Log in to the cluster nodes through SSH using the install-user account. Perform the following steps on all the cluster nodes.
    1. Set all the repos in /etc/yum.repos.d/ to enabled = 0, using a text editor.

      Repeat this step for all cluster nodes.

    2. Apply the following firewall rules to all nodes:

  6. Log back in to the control host, and install the Paragon Automation cluster based on the information that you configured in the config.yml and inventory files.

    The installation time to install the configured cluster depends on the complexity of the cluster. A basic setup installation takes at least 45 minutes to complete.

    NTP synchronization is checked at the start of deployment. If clocks are out of sync, deployment fails.

  7. When deployment is completed, log in to the worker nodes.

    Use a text editor to configure the soft and hard memory limits for influx DB memory requirements for Paragon Insights in the limits.conf and sysctl.conf files.

    Repeat this step for all worker nodes.

  8. Follow the steps described in Log in to the Paragon Automation UI- Multinode installation to access the GUI. For single-node implementations, follow the steps described in Log in to the Paragon Automation UI- Single-node installations.