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Configure Report Settings

You can use Paragon Insights to generate and download a report on-demand for a device group or a network group. You can download a report or receive it by email in HTML or JSON formats.

After you generate a report, you can re-download on-demand reports from the Reports page. These reports are saved with HB_MANUAL_REPORT report name.

To configure a report setting from the Paragon Automation graphical user interface:

  1. Click Configuration > Insights Settings.

    The Insights Settings page is displayed.

  2. Click the Report tab to view the Report Settings page.
  3. Click (+) icon to add a new report setting.
  4. Enter the following information:
    Table 1: Report Setting Information




    Enter a name for the report.


    Select the format in which you want to receive the report.

    Options: HTML, JSON.


    Select a schedule profile from the drop-down list.

    To create a schedule profile, Create a Scheduler Profile.


    Select a destination profile from the drop-down list.

    To create a destination profile, Configure Destination Settings.


    Select graph canvases to include in the report.

    Based on the canvas selected, the list of graph panels in the Panel(s) drop-down list changes.


    Select the desired graph panels to include in the report.


    JSON reports include raw time series data only and no graphs.

    Add Fields

    Select the device group and device from the drop-down lists. You can also select rules and topics associated with devices from the subsequent drop-down lists.

  5. Click Save to only save the configuration.

    Click Save and Deploy to save and deploy the configuration immediately.