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About the Reports Page

You can view health reports generated for device groups and network groups in Reports page. These reports include alarm statistics, device or network health data, as well as device-specific information (such as hardware and software specifications). To view this page, go to Monitoring > Reports > Health Reports. The reports are displayed with the latest appearing on top and the page auto refreshes at the refresh rate you configure in the Reports page.

The reports displayed in this page are configured through report profiles, schedule profiles, and destination profiles in the Report Settings page. The report profiles can be scheduled to be published for multiple device groups or you can publish reports for a particular device group by selecting report profiles in a device group configuration.

Use Health Reports

To view and manage health reports for a device group or network group:

  1. If the report’s notification parameters are set to use e-mail, check the e-mail box of the specified account for the report and open the attachment.

  2. If the report’s notification parameters are set to save to the server’s disk, select the Monitoring > Reports > Health Reports page from the left navigation bar. The reports are organized by the date and time at which they were generated. The most recent report is listed at the top of the table.

  3. Find the report you wish to download. To help find the desired report:

    • Click the column headings to sort based on that column.

    • Search within a column using the text box under the column heading.

    • Use the bottom of the page to view more rows or change pages.

  4. Click on the name of the report to download it to your system.

Figure 1: Sample ReportSample Report

Generate Diff Reports

When you generate two or more reports, you can compare any two reports in a diff report that shows the changes.

To generate a Diff report:

  1. Go to Monitoring > Reports > Health Reports.

  2. Click on the check boxes of two reports and click Diff Report.

    The diff report pops up in a new browser tab. Ensure that pop-ups are not blocked in your browser.

Figure 2: Sample Diff ReportSample Diff Report