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Paragon Automation System Requirements

Before you install the Paragon Automation software, ensure that your system meets the requirements described in these sections.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Dimensioning of your Paragon Automation production deployment is based on the network scale and features used. Table 1 lists the minimum hardware requirements.

Table 1: Minimum Hardware Requirements


Minimum Number of Nodes Required

Hardware Requirement


Control Host


2–4-core CPU, 12-GB RAM, 100-GB HDD

Install the Docker CE container and carry out Ansible operations to install the cluster.



8-core CPU, 20-GB RAM, 250-GB SSD

Kubernetes primary node



8-core CPU, 20-GB RAM, 250-GB SSD

Kubernetes worker node

For a fully redundant setup, you need a minimum of three primary nodes with master scheduling configured. For lab and POC setups, you can use one single node to function as both the primary node and worker node.


For your production deployment scale and size estimate and to discuss detailed dimensioning requirements, contact your Juniper Partner or Juniper Sales Representative.

Software Requirements

  • Ubuntu version 18.04.4 or later, or CentOS version 7 or later must be installed on each node.

  • Docker CE installed on the control host. The recommended version of Docker CE is 18.09 and later.

    Docker CE allows you to run the Paragon Automation installer file, which is packaged with Ansible (version 2.9.5) and the roles and playbooks that are required to install the cluster.

Web Browser Requirements

Table 2 lists the 64-bit Web browsers that support Paragon Automation.

Table 2: Supported Web Browsers


Supported Versions

Supported OS Versions


85 and later

Windows 10


79 and later

Windows 10



MacOS 10.15 and later