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Installing Control Center and Related Tasks

Standard Procedure

  1. Install Control Center.

    An error "Download is performed unsandboxed as root ..." may occur during this installation. This is a harmless warning which can be ignored.

  2. Run the database migration.


    This is a sensitive command, and care should be taken when executing it on a remote machine. In such a scenario it is strongly recommended that you use a program like screen (generally installed by default on popular Linux distributions) or tmux (run sudo apt-get install tmux to install) so that the migrate command will continue running even if the ssh session breaks.

    The ncc migrate command takes considerable time to execute (many minutes). It should print the following (details omitted below):

    When the migration has finished, restart all Paragon Active Assurance services:

  3. Install the Test Agent repositories and plugins.

    The plugins are used by Test Agent Applications.


    A message similar to the following may appear during plugin installation. It can safely be ignored.

  4. In the file /etc/netrounds/netrounds.conf, assign a URL to Control Center by setting SITE_URL appropriately. This URL is displayed for example in emails and reports.

    Restart all Paragon Active Assurance services for this change to take effect:

This concludes the installation of Control Center. Before you can log in to the system you also need to go through the chapter Getting Started with Paragon Active Assurance.

Installing ConfD

This installation is needed only if you want to use the NETCONF & YANG API to communicate with Control Center. For full details on this topic, see the document NETCONF & YANG API Orchestration Guide.

ConfD (a product from Tail-f) is used as an intermediary between the Paragon Active Assurance system and NETCONF. ConfD connects Paragon Active Assurance configuration and operational data to the NETCONF & YANG API.

ConfD must be installed after Control Center has been installed.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Get the Paragon Active Assurance NETCONF & YANG tarball:

  2. Compute the SHA256 checksum for the tar file and verify that it matches the SHA256 checksum provided on the download page:

  3. Unpack the tarball:

  4. Install the paa-netconf-yang package:

Some configuration is needed once you have set up your Paragon Active Assurance account; see the Getting Started page.