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Problems Starting ConfD

If you have problems starting ConfD after the upgrade, please contact your Juniper partner or your local Juniper account manager or sales representative in order to get a new subscription.

Problems Starting callexecuter

Check the callexecuter logs with the command

You may see an error like the following:

What has happened is that the netrounds-callexecuter*.deb package was upgraded without making sure the netrounds-callexecuter systemd service was stopped and disabled. The database is in the wrong state; it needs to be restored from backup, and the upgrade needs to be repeated.

Do the following to disable and stop the netrounds-callexecuter service:

Web Server Does Not Respond

Check the apache logs with the command

If you see the following error, it means that Control Center version 2.34 is running on Ubuntu 18.04, that is, Control Center has not been successfully upgraded. The solution is to upgrade Control Center to a later version as described in this document.

Restarting of Paragon Active Assurance Services Fails

Restarting the netrounds-* services with

produces the following message:

This means that the services mentioned have been masked in the course of the package removal process and require manual cleanup. The cleanup procedure is shown below: