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Speedtest Web Page Implementation

Below is an overview of the files contained in the Speedtest web page implementation. All of these files need to be hosted on a web server.

The files are included in the Control Center installation and can be accessed at

In the file system, they are located at


If you edit these files in place, they will be overwritten during the next upgrade of Control Center. Therefore, for production use, it is strongly recommended that you make copies of the files and host them under a different path.

Speedtest Files

These files should not be changed by the end user.

  • Speedtest.js − Speedtest implementation.
  • SpeedtestWorker.js − Internal Speedtest worker implementation.
  • SpeedtestLib.js − Library exposing the functionality of Speedtest.js and the REST API communication to the end user.

Custom User Interface

The following files constitute the example web page implementation. They exemplify how to use the SpeedtestLib.js library and how to connect it to the user interface in example.html.

  • example.html − Speedtest web page.
  • static/js/script.js − Connector between SpeedtestLib.js and the HTML.
  • static/js/gauge.js − User interface meter showing the data transfer speed in real time.
  • static/style.css − User interface styling.
  • static/logo.png − Logotype used on the web page.