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Using Tags

Tags defined in Paragon Active Assurance can be applied to:

  • monitors
  • monitor templates
  • Test Agents
  • TWAMP reflectors
  • Ping hosts.

For example, you can tag a monitor with the same tag as a subset of Test Agents that are going to run the monitor. This feature is particularly helpful if you have a large number of monitors and templates defined.

If you have set up an alarm with SNMP traps for a monitor, then the SNMP traps will be assigned the same tags as the monitor, if any.

Creating Tags

Below we show how to create a tag with name and color as defined by the XML <tag> substructure.

Assigning a Tag

To assign a tag to a resource, you add it as a new <tag> element under the <tags> element for that resource.

Here is how to assign a tag to a Test Agent:

To assign a tag to a TWAMP reflector, do the following:

Assigning a tag to a monitor is handled similarly:

Alternatively, you can assign an existing tag to any of these resource types when creating the resource, by including the <tags> element containing the tag in question.

Updating a Tag

Updating an existing tag with new attributes is analogous to creating a tag:

Unassigning a Tag

To unassign a tag from a resource, add the attribute nc:operation="delete" to the <tag> element belonging to the resource. Below, we unassign a tag from a monitor.

Deleting a Tag

In order to delete a tag altogether from Control Center, the attribute nc:operation="delete" is again used, but this time applied to the tag itself, defined under <account>.