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Resolved Issues

This section lists limitations that are resolved with this release. The priority of each issue is also indicated.

Control Center

  • CCC-333 Data collection interrupted due to log record ID overflow, which in turn was caused by large numbers of warnings being generated by plugins. (P1 – Critical)
  • CCC-363 License expiration not shown in the GUI; system halted without prior warning, not respecting the 30-day grace period. (P1 – Critical)
  • CCC-18 Possible to create REST API token (using ncc rest-create-token) for non-existent account. (P2 – High)
  • CCC-258 Problems sending some SNMP alarms. (P2 – High)
  • CCC-276 The command ncc license report failed with error message. (P2 – High)
  • CCC-282 Junos TWAMP not allowed by default license after upgrade to 3.2.0. (P2 – High)
  • CCC-327 Outdated package dependency might cause Control Center to be uninstalled following Ubuntu upgrade. (P2 – High)
  • CCC-367 Stream counting was inconsistent across GUI, ncc status command, and ncc license status command. (P2 – High)
  • CCC-418 User who shared a monitor to a different account was unable to remove the share. (P2 – High)
  • CCC-442 Setting the gateway for a Test Agent Appliance static IPv6 configuration in the GUI failed. (P2 – High)
  • CCC-478 RX/TX data rates and packet counters missing on Test Agent interface Status tab. (P2 – High)
  • CCC-495 Alarms were not created for SIP monitors. (P2 – High)
  • CCC-176 Path trace rendering bugs: hops moving around, hops drawn on lines between other hops or otherwise misplaced. (P3 – Medium)
  • CCC-256 ASN details not shown together with IP addresses in Path trace presentation except in node infotips. (P3 – Medium)
  • CCC-257 Templates under "My Templates" could not be shared (no share link present). (P3 – Medium)
  • CCC-266 Test Agent search input interpreted as user input by LastPass. (P3 – Medium)
  • CCC-626 Parts of RFC 6349 test failed with "Unknown error". (P3 – Medium)
  • CCC-630 EIR configuration test (color-aware) and Traffic policing test (color-aware) failed with "Unknown error". (P3 – Medium)
  • CCC-631 QoS policy profiling test failed with "Unknown error". (P3 – Medium)
  • CCC-332 Output directory of ncc generate-troubleshooting-report command was not indicated in documentation. (P4 – Low)


  • NF-7357 Configuration and inventory details for reflector-based tools were missing from Streaming API metadata. (P2 – High)

Test Agent

  • TAP-355 Problem deploying .vhd image from Paragon Active Assurance 3.2.2 as VM in Microsoft Azure (P1 – Critical)
  • TAP-237 ICMP ID for Path trace plugin was not unique across different measurements run on the same Test Agent. (P3 – Medium)