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Resolved Issues

This section lists limitations that are resolved with this release. The priority of each issue is also indicated.

Control Center

  • NF-7501, NF-7525 TWAMP plugin failed to enable or run in a system with many accounts. (Both P1 - Critical)
  • NF-7622 Generation of PDF report from test failed. (P1 - Critical)
  • NF-7649 No alarm was generated when a Test Agent running a monitor task went down. (P1 - Critical)
  • NF-7328 Edits made to an email list in an alarm template did not propagate to alarms based on that template. (P2 - High)
  • NF-7425 TWAMP performance impaired by avoidable database queries. (P2 - High)
  • NF-7545 topic created with incorrect settings. (P2 - High)
  • NF-7602 Force delete of plugin silently failed with the plugin persisting after the delete operation. (P2 - High)
  • NF-7603 Error displayed in Control Center GUI when sharing a test or monitor including Path trace. (P2 - High)
  • ND-5653 Pathtrace route not reported correctly after unresponsive destination hop came back. (P3 - Medium)
  • NF-6582 ES loss metric missing for Ping in Control Center. (P3 - Medium)
  • NF-7105 Not possible to set TWAMP percentile values without also setting delay threshold. (P3 - Medium)
  • NF-7291 REST output for MonitorCreatedSchema failed to validate. (P3 - Medium)
  • NF-7354 Too short delays before restarting crashed services. (P3 - Medium)
  • NF-7384 Invalid netrounds_2.35_validate_db tools included in 3.1 release packages. (P3 - Medium)
  • NF-7423 "Unknown error" displayed when trying to remove TWAMP reflectors from an account in the Control Center GUI. (P3 - Medium)
  • NF-7608 Search box in Test Agents view treated as user input field by LastPass and autofilled. (P3 - Medium)
  • NF-7191 Not possible to tab for next input in TWAMP reflector creation dialog. (P4 - Low)


These affected only Control Center installs with the Streaming API and/or TimescaleDB enabled.

  • NF-7704 Broken legacy plugins prevented using Test Agent Appliance together with TimescaleDB and Streaming API. – These plugins have been removed. (P1 - Critical)
  • NF-7752 Metrics service did not always start after upgrade. – Documentation corrected. (P1 - Critical)
  • NF-7566 VoIP metrics dropped by metrics service. (P2 - High)
  • NF-7573 Y.1731 tools were not recognized as plugins by metrics service. (P2 - High)
  • NF-7617 TCP and UDP tool metrics not updated over Streaming API. (P2 - High)
  • NF-7519 Kafka log warning messages about "Unexpected metric value". (P3 - Medium)

Test Agent

  • ND-5764 Test Agent Application output the secret key in clear text when started in register-run mode. (P2 - High)
  • ND-5729 Test Agent OVA set to sync time from host, which interfered with NTP time sync. (P2 - High)
  • NF-7665 Test Agent failed to download Path trace plugin from Control Center. (P2 - High)
  • ND-5671 Ethertypes transparency test sent incorrect MPLS frames. (P3 - Medium)