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If the vTA does not show up in Control Center, it is useful to open its local console to investigate the cause of the problem. This requires that you supplied an SSH public key when creating the AWS instance (see section Reviewing Your Instance Settings and Selecting an SSH Key Pair).

  • In the Instances view, inspect the public IP address of the instance.
  • At a command prompt, type:

where <private_key> is the name of the file holding your SSH private key and <instance_public_ip> is the public IP address of the vTA instance.

You are now taken to the Test Agent admin menu:

The functionality found here is described in the Paragon Active Assurance support documentation: see the topics under Test AgentsConfiguring Test Agents from the local console. The following functions are particularly helpful:

  • Utilities > Ping for checking that the vTA has a working internet connection.
  • UtilitiesTroubleshoot connection for verifying that the Paragon Active Assurance management connection is working.
  • UtilitiesRoot shell for leaving the local console and going to the Linux prompt.