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New and Changed Features

NFX150 Added as Officially Supported Test Agent Hardware

Test Agent Appliances can now be installed on Juniper's NFX150-C-S1 Network Services Platform. The hardware previously used for preinstalled Test Agents is no longer available for purchase. Please note that Test Agents will not be sold preinstalled on the NFX150; rather, the installation needs to be done separately.

Juniper Licensing Alignment

The licensing for Paragon Active Assurance will be handled somewhat differently from this release onward. For you as a customer, the new procedure boils down to these steps:

  • After you install Control Center, the system will be disabled until a license has been activated.
  • You generate a license request in Control Center (as before) in the form of a UUID.
  • You log in to the Juniper's EMS Portal and enter the UUID to obtain a text-format license key.
  • You install the license key in Control Center using the ncc license activate command (as before).

Flexible External IP Support

Control Center used to offer a setting "Use public address" which allowed a Test Agent to act as a server in measurements, even if it is behind a NAT router. However, this setting has now been replaced with more flexible external IP support:

  • Possible to set in each individual task if the private IP or external IP should be used (the old setting was configured globally for the Test Agent)
  • Works for all interfaces (not just the management interface)
  • Uses the last public address by default
  • Possible to manually override the external IP used
  • Works for both Test Agent Appliance and Test Agent Application
  • Works for both IPv4 and IPv6

Restyling of User Interface

The look and feel of the Control Center user interface has been modified with respect to UX design, fonts, and color schemes.

Restyling of Technical Documentation

The layout of the in-app help and standalone PDF documents has been redesigned, and names and wordings have been changed where necessary.