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Backing Up Product Data

To make a consistent backup of your Paragon Active Assurance data, you need to stop all services accessing the database before starting the backup procedure. It is possible to make backups of a live system, but data consistency cannot then be guaranteed.

Proceed as follows:

  • Stop Paragon Active Assurance services:

  • Make backups according to the subsections below.

  • Start Paragon Active Assurance services:

Backing Up the PostgreSQL Database

Run this command:


The pg_dump command will ask for a password which can be found in /etc/netrounds/netrounds.conf under "postgres database". The default password is "netrounds".

To learn about advanced options of pg_dump, such as compression, type


Netrounds versions before 2.29 used a MySQL database. If you are still using an old version, or if you are about to upgrade, use this command to back up a MySQL database:

Alternatively, you may want to back up the database in binary format. If so, use this command:

Backing Up the OpenVPN Keys

Use this command:

Backing Up the Configuration Files

Make copies of the following files:

  • /etc/apache2/sites-available/netrounds-ssl.conf
  • /etc/apache2/sites-available/netrounds.conf
  • /etc/netrounds/netrounds.conf
  • /etc/netrounds/probe-connect.conf
  • /etc/netrounds/restol.conf
  • /etc/netrounds/secret_key
  • /etc/netrounds/test-agent-gateway.yaml
  • /etc/openvpn/netrounds.conf

For example:

Backing Up the RRD Files

The RRD (round-robin database) files contain the Paragon Active Assurance measurement data.

  • For a small-scale setup (< 50 GB), use this backup command:

  • For a large-scale setup (> 50 GB), making a tarball of the RRD files might take too long, and taking a snapshot of the volume can be a better idea. Possible solutions for doing this include: using a file system that supports snapshots, or taking a snapshot of the virtual volume if the server is running in a virtual environment.