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PTX10008 Hardware Upgrade Procedures

QFX10008, MX10008, and older versions of the PTX10008 can future-proof their chassis investment by upgrading their systems to the latest PTX10008 running Juniper Junos OS Evolved system. The following sections guide you through the planning and installation process of upgrading your system to a PTX10008 router that can support the latest switch fabric and 14.4 Tbps line cards.

Before You Begin

Before you begin the chassis upgrade, it is a good idea to back up your existing configuration to a storage location for reference. QFX Series and MX Series systems becoming PTX Series systems need some configuration to operate in the new environment.

Schedule the upgrade in a maintenance window with sufficient time to remove all the components, install new components, and configure the new PTX10008 router.

Use the appropriate hardware guide for your current system to order the correct upgrade kit, power off the system, and to remove components. See:

Remove PTX10008 Components for Upgrade

Ensure you are familiar with how to safely store and handle PTX10008 components before starting your upgrade. See:

Remove and safely store the following components in this order:

  1. Optical cables and connections to external devices (see Remove a Transceiver From a PTX0008)
  2. Power supplies and power cables (see Install and Remove PTX10008 Power System Components)
  3. Line cards (see Remove a PTX10008 Line Card)
  4. Routing and Control Boards (RCBs) (see Remove a PTX10008 Routing and Control Board)
  5. Fan trays (see Remove a PTX10008 Fan Tray)
  6. Switch Interface Boards (SIBs) (see Remove a PTX10008 Switch Interface Board)
  7. JNP10008-FAN-CTRL fan controllers (see Remove a PTX10008 Fan Tray Controller)

    If you have JNP10008-FTC2 installed, you may skip this step.

Install the PTX10008 Upgrade Components

After the upgrade kits are on the premises:

  1. Unpack the upgrade kit (see Unpack Line Cards, Routing Control Boards, and Switch Interface Boards for the PTX10008).
  2. Compare the contents of the kit to the order, see (Compare the PTX10008 Order to the Packing List).
  3. Install the components in the following order:

    The installation order of components is important. To avoid cooling problems, do not apply power until all components are installed.

    1. Fan tray controllers JNP10008-FTC2 (see Install a PTX10008 Fan Tray Controller)
    2. SIBs JNP10008-SF3 (see Install a PTX10008 Switch Interface Board)
    3. Fan trays JNP10K-FAN2 (see Install a PTX10008 Fan Tray)
    4. RCBs JNP10K-RE1-E (see Install a PTX10008 Routing and Control Board)
    5. Line cards PTX10K-LC1201-36CD or PTX10K-LC1202-36MR (see Install a PTX10008 Line Card)
    6. Install power supplies JNP10K-PWR-AC2 or JNP10K-PWR-DC2 (see Install a JNP10K-PWR-AC2 Power Supply or Install a JNP10K-PWR-DC2 Power Supply)
    7. Install optics (see Install a PTX10008 Transceiver)
  4. Perform the first-time configuration (see Perform the Initial Configuration for the PTX10008 Router).
  5. Update your installation base with Juniper Networks (see Register Products—Mandatory to Validate SLAs).