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Table of Contents

Managing CTP Devices Overview
Synchronizing CTP Devices Using External Clocks Overview
Ethernet Media Configuration Overview
Support for Full-Duplex Mode Only on NIC Ports Connected to CTP Devices
Configuring the CTP Device
Configuring the Date and Time on CTP Devices (CTP Menu)
Configuring a Default Ethernet Interface (CTP Menu)
Adding a VLAN Interface to a Node (CTP Menu)
Adding a VLAN ID to the System
Configuring VLAN Interface by Using the VLAN ID
Separate Interfaces for Management and Circuit Traffic Overview
Operations Performed When Management and Circuit Traffic Are Segregated
Configuring Separate Interfaces for Management and Circuit Traffic (CTP Menu)
Displaying the Management and Circuit Interface Settings (CTP Menu)
Loss of Signal Detection Capability on CTP Bundles and SAToP Bundles
Detection of LOS on Serial Interfaces
Detection of LOS on T1/E1 Interfaces
Guidelines for Configuring LOS Detection
Configuring LOS Detection on CTP and SAToP Bundles (CTP Menu)
Initializing the CTP Database (CTP Menu)
Pinging an IP Address (CTP Menu)
Specifying a Traceroute IP Address (CTP Menu)
SSH to Another Host (CTP Menu)
Configuring the CTP Bundle Data Packet Protocol and OAM Port (CTP Menu)
Rebooting a Node (CTP Menu)
Powering Off the CTP Platform
Displaying Ethernet Media Information (CTP Menu)
Configuring Ethernet Media (CTP Menu)
NTP Authentication Overview on CTP Devices
NTP Authentication Procedure
Configuring NTP Authentication Using the System Query Page (CTPView)
Support for Multiple Master Nodes to Associate With a Single Slave Node in NetRef
Configuring NetRef Multiple Master Nodes (CTP Menu)
Unlocking User Accounts for Which Password Has Expired
Script to Monitor the Duration of Inactivity of User Accounts
Script to Reset the Expired User Accounts