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Displaying Ethernet Media Information (CTP Menu)


This topic describes how to display the supported link modes (speed and duplex) and the configuration of the Ethernet media on CTP devices.

To display Ethernet interface information on a CTP device using the CTP Menu:

  1. From the Main Menu, select 5) Node Operations.
  2. Display the current Ethernet configuration by selecting 11) Display ethernet media.

    A list a of available Ethernet devices and is displayed.

  3. Specify the Ethernet device whose details are to be displayed.

    The CTP system displays the details of the Ethernet device that you selected.

If the autonegotiation setting of the CTP Ethernet media and the far-end switch or router do not match, it is possible for the CTP Ethernet ports to be in a half-duplex state, although the duplex setting is not configurable and always assumed to be full-duplex on the CTP device. Starting with CTPOS Release 7.2, the half-duplex state at CTP network interface card (NIC) ports are acquired, regardless of the duplex setting configured on the far-end node. After the autonegotiation process is completed, if the CTP NIC cannot acquire full-duplex mode, then the interfaces are considered to be down and a log message is recorded in both the /var/log/messages directory and the syslog file stating that the interface is down due to a non-full duplex condition. You are prompted to verify the cable connection, speed, and duplex settings because the NIC link might be down.